About Us

Leopard on the tree in Serengeti National Park. Travel and Tour Company in Tanzania

Travel and Tour Company in Tanzania offering best Tour packages with competitive prices with high regard to quality and services.  Contact Expert dedicated team for fast and accurate responses to your inquiries


As a Travel and Tour Company in Tanzania, our vision is to give our guests novelty in social  and wildlife safari experiences.
Creating beautiful Safari memories from our nature and social gifts we are privileged to have. Making travellers unique as they interact socially and ecologically with natures’ beauty and life experience.



We are passionate Travel and Tour Company in Tanzania – providing wildlife, ecological, mountain hiking, beach and social touristic services – through; well planned, organized, led and controlled value laden packages at affordable costs that give our holiday makers unique experiences, while allowing us to sustain our ability to exist as a business.


“We may not be able to provide great mass safaris, but we guarantee to offer little serene safaris with great love”

  1. SERENE  – We acknowledge the need to give our customers the tranquility they deserve. We promise to the best of our professional knowledge to offer safari services that give our customers the best privacy they will require as opposed to what mass service providers offer.
  2. AMUSE – we commit to make our guests holidays fun and memorable
  3. FAIR – our business dealings with our guests will always be based on just and transparency while negotiating terms.
  4. AMBITIOUS – We are determined to be the best safari service providers in the market – meeting and exceeding the needs of our potential customers. We acknowledge the fact that we cannot do great things but we have what it takes to do little things with great love.
  5. RESPONSIVE – We are always prepared to attend to our customers in a meaningful manner given our business capabilities to serve them.This means we are sensitive to our customers’ needs. Our customers’ needs are our needs. We are receptive to their needs because that is the reason we exist as a business.  
  6. INFLUENTIAL – Given our professional knowledge of East African safari business, we promise to use our competencies coupled with the right attitude as we serve our customers in a way that will enhance our ability to connect with them and create durable business relationships.